Salam Bumbai – Pathe Rotterdam

Salam Bumbai – Pathe Rotterdam

  • Location:Rotterdam
  • Venue:Pathe
  • Length:08:30 pm

Aanvang: 20:30 uur (film duurt 1h48m)
Address: Cor Kieboomplein 501
3077 MK Rotterdam (gratis parkeren)
Tickets: €15,- verkrijgbaar via www.pathe.nl

Ali is an Iranian exchange student from Iran who is studying medicine as a cardio resident in Mumbai.

By chance, he saves the life of one of his classmates Karishma, who has attempted suicide. Little by little he tries to talk to Karishma and give her hope and happiness, which eventually leads to the two of them falling in love.

The movie is English spoken with Farsi subtitles.